My Food Box Páscoa

We delivered to Fátima Lopes our Easter “My Food Box”, take a look at our conversation and the suggestions we have for you.

My box Pascoa Fatima Lopes

As Easter is coming, we have created another concept – Easter My Food Box – for corporate and individuals. You can choose between the option for the “chocolate lovers” with an egg filled with cocoa almonds (homemade) made by our chefs, or if you are not a fan of almonds you can also choose chocolate truffles with coconut, salted caramel and hazelnut, and as Easter is not Easter without “folar” our suggestion is our chocolate one.

At My Food Box everything is planned and done with the highest professionalism, not forgetting that cooking without love has no taste.

This suggestion is a handful of good and sweet things for those who prefer just dessert instead of dedicating themselves to the arts of cooking. 

For those who have no time to cook and want to dedicate themselves to the family, there are two more options:

“The company of wine” with cheese, sausages and jams and “our” salted “folar” with quail egg, obviously not lacking in this option the almonds, the cookies and the almond nest, because more important than all this is to create memories and share family affection. 

But if you want to surprise your family with a complete menu, we have the traditional Easter “Sunday lunch”, with three different menus that bring together the aromas and flavours of Easter, such as lamb, partridge or codfish. If you are not satisfied you can always talk to our team and we will design a box to suit your needs. Don’t forget that with or without box – all that counts are the unique moments that we share with family and friends. 

My Food Box, also offers for companies the options “wine company” and “chocolate lovers”, because our colleagues, collaborators and partners are our second family, don’t forget, if necessary we run the country from north to south to deliver the “My Food Box”.