Fundação Oriente – Museum

Imppacto has exclusive catering for the Museu do Oriente.

It is one of the most recent innovations in the portfolio of venues managed by Imppacto, which has the exclusive catering in the restaurant and in the remaining areas of the Museu do Oriente. From here results an offer that, as it could not be otherwise, incorporates elements of fusion between the gastronomy of the East and the West. This is a venue that, due to its characteristics, is very attractive for corporate events. It is complemented by another one, the Convento da Arrábida, which is more suited for private events. 

Finally, a short note for one of Imppacto’s strategies, which promises news soon for the market: the hiring of a chef of innovation, whose task will be to find new solutions, more disruptive for a segment of catering services that will perhaps be closer, in terms of concept, to fine dining.