Efood Dinner 2022

What if you could go far beyond the palate and taste a meal through your five senses?

To celebrate the closing of the International Conference on Food Design, which took place during the last week of April at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon, Imppacto organized the gastronomic experience “Cogitans Mutare Cibus”, a memorable dinner at Espaço Coletivo 284. 

The menu, conceptualized by chef Rui Mota, was developed taking into consideration the four elements in Ancient Greece – earth, water, air and fire – and the different states of matter – solid, liquid, gas and plasma. 

Composed of eleven dishes, this gastronomic experience proposed to the participants the activation of their sensory senses, using aromas and sounds, and culminating in the act of blindfolding the guests to stimulate the tasting of the dishes and provide them with an explosion of unforgettable flavours!