A small gesture with future impact

Partnership between Imppacto, Catering & Eventos and the ‘Plant a Tree’ movement.

On the 28th October took place in Sintra-Cascais Natural Park a reforestation action that resulted from a partnership between Imppacto, Catering & Events and the movement Plant a Tree.   

Imppacto, a leading catering company in the Portuguese market has been assuming several commitments in the area of environmental and social sustainability. This need to make a difference in the events market is reflected in the company’s philosophy: to provide an excellent service in the creation of unforgettable moments.  

The company’s unavoidable values are respect, commitment, integrity, innovation and creativity, in a relationship of trust that guarantees security and quality. In this sense, the company has established a set of protocols and partnerships that also reflect an environmental and social awareness, as is the case of the support to the 10th anniversary dinner of the Plant a Tree movement that took place on 15th June at Quinta da Ribafria in Sintra – Momentum – From the Forest to the Plate, a sensory experience.   

“Bringing the team together in team building activities with a nobler purpose is one of our priorities as a company.” – refers Paulo Pinto, CEO of Imppacto.

And that’s what we witnessed last 28th October at the Sintra Cascais Natural Park. A noble gesture, as small as it may be, is intended to have some impact in the future.  

The action was developed by Miguel Teles, president of the Plant a Tree movement, together with volunteers and Imppacto team. 150 trees were planted and are intended to contribute to the association’s objectives, the recovery of biodiversity and the strengthening of ecosystems.  

The Plant a Tree Association started its activity in 2009, maintaining as utopia the dream that was in its genesis: to provide the opportunity for each person to plant and take care of a tree per year.  

At Imppacto, Catering & Events we believe that it is possible to provide unique moments, for you.